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1. Any of several swift African mammals of the genus Equus, resembling the horse and having distinctive overall markings of alternating white and black or brown stripes.
2. Any of various striped organisms, such as a zebrafish.
3. A referee in football.

[Italian, from Portuguese zevra, from Old Portuguese zevro, zevra, wild ass, perhaps from Vulgar Latin *eciferus, alteration of Latin equiferus, a kind of wild horse : equus, horse; see equine + ferus, wild; see feral. Sense 3, from the referee's striped shirt.]
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( ˈziːbrə; ˈzɛbrə)
n, pl -ras or Aged Black Bag Bucket Handbag Italian Leather Hobo Pratesi Shoulder -ra
(Animals) any of several mammals of the horse family ( Equidae), such as Equus burchelli (the common zebra), of southern and eastern Africa, having distinctive black-and-white striped hides
[C16: via Italian from Old Spanish: wild ass, probably from Vulgar Latin eciferus (unattested) wild horse, from Latin equiferus, from equus horse + ferus wild]
ˈzebra-ˌlike, zebraic adj
zebrine, ˈzebroid adj


( ˈziːbrə; ˈzɛbrə)
(Banking & Finance) a noninterest-paying bond in which the accrued income is taxed annually rather than on redemption. Compare zero 12
[C20: from zero-coupon bond]
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(ˈzi brə; Brit. also ˈzɛb rə)

n., pl. -bras, ( esp. collectively) -bra.
1. any of several horselike African mammals of the genus Equus, each species having a characteristic pattern of black or dark brown stripes on a whitish background.
Pratesi Handbag Bag Leather Italian Aged Hobo Bucket Shoulder Black 2. Slang. a football official, who usu. wears a black and white striped shirt.
[1590–1600; < Portuguese zebra, zebro the Iberian wild ass (Sp cebra), perhaps < Latin equiferus (Pliny) kind of wild horse]
ze′brine (-braɪn, -brɪn) adj.
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Noun 1. zebra - any of several fleet black-and-white striped African equines
Equus, genus Equus - type genus of the Equidae: only surviving genus of the family Equidae
equid, equine - hoofed mammals having slender legs and a flat coat with a narrow mane along the back of the neck
Burchell's zebra, common zebra, Equus Burchelli - of the plains of central and eastern Africa
Equus zebra zebra, mountain zebra - narrow-striped nearly extinct zebra of southern Africa
Equus grevyi, grevy's zebra - zebra with less continuous stripes
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pėsčiųjų perėja zebras
punda milia
ngựa vằn
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[ˈzɛbrə ˈziːbrə] nzèbre mzebra crossing n (British)passage m pour piétons
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nZebra nt


zebra crossing
n (Brit) → Zebrastreifen m
zebra finch
n (Orn) → Zebrafink m
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[ˈziːbrə] nzebra
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( ˈziːbrə) , ( ˈzeb-) plural ˈzebras ~ˈzebra noun
a kind of striped animal of the horse family, found wild in Africa. two zebras; Pratesi Italian Hobo Shoulder Bag Aged Handbag Black Leather Bucket a herd of zebras. cebra
zebra crossing
a place, marked in black and white stripes, where traffic stops for pedestrians to cross a street. paso de peatones, paso de cebra
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Pretty soon a zebra was seen coming out of the forest, and he trotted straight up to them and said politely:
The Shoulder Hobo Pratesi Bucket Black Italian Leather Bag Handbag Aged zebra was a sleek little animal and had a slender head, a stubby mane and a paint-brush tail--very like a donkey's.
A KANGAROO hopping awkwardly along with some bulky object concealed in her pouch met a Zebra, and desirous of keeping his attention upon himself, said:
The quagga, though so plainly barred like a zebra over the body, is without bars on the legs; but Dr.
Yet Numa did not permit himself to be carried away by his desires into any premature charge such as had recently lost him the juicy meat of Pacco, the zebraEnvelope Beads Women Rhinestone Purse Handbags Evening Clutch Bag Crystal White Fashion qPwxAXxaB.
The four first were the more fortunate, who though they were detained some time by the Turkish bassa, were dismissed at the request of the emperor, who sent him a zebra, or wild ass, a creature of large size and admirable beauty.
Dorothy was too dazed to say much, but she watched one of Jim's big ears turn to violet and the other to rose, and wondered that his tail should be yellow and his body striped with blue and orange like the stripes of a zebra.
Beyond, grazing herds of zebra, hartebeest, and topi dotted the level landscape, while closer to the river a bull buffalo, his head and shoulders protruding from the reeds watched the advancing blacks for a moment, only to turn at last and disappear into the safety of his dank and gloomy retreat.
Here, in the open spaces, were new game--countless antelope and vast herds of zebra. Tignanello Black 68633395 Cross Brown Body Classic Equestrian HrrP0pS
When we came down to drink I knew that no danger lurked near upon this side of the water hole, for else the zebras would have discovered it and fled before we came; but upon the other side toward which the wind blows danger might lie concealed.
They were attracted by this idea; so it was not long before they were stripped, and striped from head to heel with black mud, like so many zebras -- all of them chiefs, of course -- and then they went tearing through the woods to attack an English settlement.
A herd of zebras grazed where once the German kaiser may have reviewed his troops.

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